Truke is a German Brand with a Long Tradition in building High Quality Headphones and Headsets for Professional Users and People Who are Dedicated to Music. Truke Products are Characterised by the Company’s Desire to Innovate and Continuously Develop Technology.

The German Quality Promise Applies to Product Development and Manufacture Of Truke Products. The Designs of Truke Earphones are Built by Approximately 40 Highly Qualified Personnel. Truke Commits to a Policy Of Continuous Research and Development Employing a Highly Qualified Team Of Engineers thus Insuring the Company’s Future as a Leader in the Industry.

The Whole Earphone Range is Engineered and Manufactured with a Focus on Sound Quality, Reliability, Wearing Comfort and Durability. For this reason, We Only Use High Quality Materials for Our Component Parts.


To Design, Engineer and Manufacture Superior Quality Professional Audio Products.

Company Vision for Truke is as a Specialist Manufacturer and Engineering Company with a Clear Focus on Headphones/Headsets Market.

To Hear is to Distinguish. Human Ear Receives Acoustic Vibrations and Translates Every Whisper, Thunderclap and Minute Detail into the Listening Experience. When Our Audiory Senses are Stimulated by an Acoustic Source that Satisfies the Spirit, a Feeling Of True Listening Pleasure is achieved. We at Truke take Plenty of Time for Each Product in Order to Tune it for a Perfect Listening Experience in Every Detail. You Can Hear Them - as an Impression of an Overall Perfect Listening Experience.

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