pankaj-s-upadhyayThe Indian wearables market has been seeing an upsurge, especially in the current times, when work and study from home has seen a growing demand for headphones and other audio and video equipment.

German company Truke is well-known for building some of the finest headphones and headsets for music aficionados at reasonable prices. Some of its key products include Truke Fit 1 and Truke Buds Q1, which are an updated version of the previous products with better features like environmental noise cancellation and dedicated gaming mode for the ultimate gaming experience. The company is soon launching it’s smartwatch to make technology reach the hands of their last mile customer.

In an exclusive interview with Adgully, Pankaj Upadhayay, CEO, Truke India, speaks about how the brand is creating differentiation, carving a niche in a market with several strong players, expansion plans, new launches during the festive season and more.

You have many competitors in the market, what makes Truke different from them?

Yes, the Indian wearable market has grown to be significantly competitive in the past 2-3 years, especially with smartphone companies launching their own TWS and other wearable devices. According to the recent IDC report, India’s wearables market grew 118.2% year-on-year in the June 2021 quarter at 11.2 million units with strong shipments from homegrown brands in ear wear and smartwatches. This speaks about the huge pool of customers who are looking for tech gadgets that can add to their lifestyle statement. At Truke, we have been coming up with products with innovative designs, technology, features at an affordable price. And I think the way we have been clubbing the three components together to make technology reach the hands of our last mile customer, makes us different from other industry players.

What is the brand currently focused on? Which launches are we going to see during this festive season?

We are a new-age brand and aim to revolutionise the Indian TWS segment with our innovative and value-for-money product range. We have been crafting high-quality wireless stereos, wireless headphones, earphones and bespoke acoustic equipment for sound professionals and music aficionados. Our products have received an overwhelming response from our customers and this has further helped us garner a significant market share in the Indian TWS industry. We are a product to say that we are amongst the top 7 TWS brands in India and the only brand which has existed for less than 2 years.

In this festive season, we are surprising our customers with exciting deals and discounts on our celebrated products.

What are the expansion plans for Truke in 2022?

2021 has been a phenomenal year for us. We have successfully established ourselves in the market and have our consumer base. We have a strong pipeline for the upcoming year, where we will be further expanding our product line. We will be launching Smartwatches, IOT Products, Bluetooth speakers in 2022. We will also be starting manufacturing in India under our Make in India initiative.

What kind of technology & marketing tools are you using to see the kind of engagement in consumers?

We truly believe in the power of customers, hence we don’t use any such marketing tool. However, we have been closely working with Tech YouTubers who review our products and share their feedback with us. Their detailed review helps our customers in buying decisions while their feedback allows us to work on ourselves and make better products for our customers.